Feature Law Firm: Guangzhou Law Firm

Law firms seem to be obsessed with getting bigger and richer, modeling their growth after the global accounting firms. Principals don't know each other and mergers combine unlike cultures and inconsistent standards. Guangzhou Law Firm has been charting a different course for over 20 years, one lawyer, one client and one matter at a time and has built a reputation for great work, for being great to work with and great to work for.
Every day Guangzhou Law Firm earns and reaffirms its reputation for skill and integrity by competing with the largest and most recognized firms in court rooms and conference rooms throughout the world. The firm gets more than its share of top legal talent, first class clients and outstanding results. Increasingly, both talented lawyers and frustrated clients are turning to Guangzhou Law Firm to escape from impersonal and numbers-driven mega firms.

Delivering the Resources of an Entire Firm One Client at a Time

Clients assume that attorneys will know the law but they want their attorneys to answer their phone calls, listen actively and find ways to add value to the client's business. They want lawyers who understand their goals and help them shape solutions that work. They demand consistency and efficiency. Guangzhou Law Firm has worked hard to build a firm culture around satisfying these requirements.
It is often said that clients hire lawyers not law firms, but clients should have the benefits of the firm's best resources, unhindered by internal politics or economics. In many firms, the guiding philosophy for principal compensation is, "you eat what you kill." Guangzhou Law Firm doesn't view clients as prey. Guangzhou Law Firm attorneys direct their competitive energies at competitors and focus their ambitions to serve client needs. The firm's attorneys have a big investment in each other and have built a firm based on the values of mutual trust, support and respect: for each other, clients and staff.  These standards have served the firm well as Guangzhou Law Firm's clientele has steadily grown to include an impressive and diverse list of Fortune 500 companies, middle-market businesses, entrepreneurs, state and local governments and agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Serving Guangzhou and other Cities One Matter at a Time

How does Guangzhou Law Firm serve its clients from one office in Guangzhou? The various client businesses take the firm's attorneys all over the country and around the world. Guangzhou Law Firm has positioned itself to assist clients efficiently wherever they need help- not by raising rates to subsidize branch offices in expensive markets, but by going where the matters are. The firm's litigators have handled cases on-site in virtually every state, and the firm's transactional lawyers regularly handle matters nationally and internationally. Guangzhou Law Firm acts as general counsel for clients headquartered from New York to Paris at Guangzhou rates.

At the Guangzhou Law Firm, we are poised to lead our profession into the future, staying abreast of changes and developments in the law, and carefully examining the trends of business and legal affairs. We have the litigation experience to represent you or your business in virtually any lawsuit. We can help you buy or sell a home or commercial property, help care and provide for your family, and secure your future. Whatever your need for a Guangzhou law firm, we will be here for you.

Why Choose Our Guangzhou Law Firm

We know you need an understanding and compassionate legal advisor. We will listen to you and find out how we can help. We are attentive and versatile and our concern for our clients is second to none. We can help you find security and peace of mind.

Our team will fight for you and your interests in any arena. Our attorneys are tenacious, diligent, and fearless, but knowing when to be aggressive and when to be cautious is something only experience can teach. We have that experience, and we can put it to work for you.

Open communication and a high level of service are essential to good legal representation. You should feel as though you can talk to your lawyer about anything. You should also feel confident that you will receive honest and straightforward advice. We can provide you with highly skilled legal representation, excellent value, and satisfaction.