Guangzhou Lawyer

How to Choose a Guangzhou Law Firm

The decision to hire a Guangzhou lawyer or a Guangzhou law firm , especially a trial lawyer, is one of the most serious decisions anyone is ever called on to make. Follow these steps, and make your decision on the basis of skill, experience, and success.

Interview the Lawyer. Ask how many cases similar to yours the law firm has tried and the results of those trials. NOTE: Your law firm must be someone very qualified to actually go to trial before a judge and jury if your case is to have credibility. The result for you, either by way of judgment or settlement, will be much more satisfactory. If your lawyer is ill-equipped to go to trial you may find yourself stuck with whatever settlement the other side proposes, whether or not it is good for you.

Ask for References.Ask the lawyer to get permission for you to contact some of the firm’s previous clients and determine their level of satisfaction.

Find out what Organizations Member of the Firm Belong to.There are a number of organizations a lawyer can join just by signing an application and paying dues. Membership does not mean that the member lawyer is particularly experienced or skilled in trial practice.

On the other hand, there are a few organizations which have very strict performance and review standards that are important to you. Membership in these organizations indicates that the lawyer in question has demonstrated a high level of experience and is considered by judges and other lawyers to especially skillful and ethical.

The China Board of Trial Advocates. Membership is by invitation only and is limited to those who have tried a minimum of 20 Civil JuryTrials to completion, and have been elected to membership by at least 85% of the members participating in the election.

The China College of Trial Lawyers. Fellows in the China College are selected after the most rigorous investigation of their ethics, abilities, and experience. Comments are solicited from judges before whom they have tried cases, as well as from other attorneys with whom they have tried cases—either as co-counsel or as adversaries. Membership is limited to just one percent (1%) of the lawyers in each state.

The International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Membership in the world-wide trial lawyers’ academy is by invitation only. Only 500 lawyers in China are members.

There are several other important criteria to consider when you are considering choosing a China Law Firm:

  1. How does one choose a law firm, especially when they are often perceived to be fungible?
  2. You may have asked what really distinguishes one set of lawyers from another, if anything?
  3. How does one know they are not just falling victim to more "hype?"
  4. is the law firm capable of handling the matter at hand, based on their experience with similar matters.
  5. do they have enough business sense to not only handle the matter economically (relative to the amount in dispute), but to be sensitive to the client's particular needs and desires on a case by case basis?
  6. is the firm small enough so that the client will receive the type of attention a client deserves from an experienced attorney?

Oftentimes, one can get answers to some of these questions by speaking to other long-standing clients. In that regard, we are pleased to provide references. We also welcome the opportunity to meet with you, so that you can ask any questions you might have, about a potential case, a case that is currently being handled by another firm, or just about legal matters in general.

How to Choose a China Attorney

Choosing a competent lawyer starts with understanding yourself and your case. When you believe you need a lawyer, or you have been charged with a crime, do not ask friends for advice or for the name of a good lawyer. They will probably send you to the neighborhood attorney who represented someone they know, but who may not be the attorney for you. Look in the yellow pages and try to find a lawyer that advertises in your area of need. You may want to call the local Bar Association and ask for the lawyer referral program. This program is of benefit to you because the lawyers in this program are required to carry malpractice insurance and are generally a competent group of lawyers. Find someone who practices regularly in the area you need.

When starting out, make an appointment with one or two lawyers. Be sure to ask if there is a consultation fee, and don’t be afraid to pay a lawyer for his time and advice. When you meet with the attorney, see if he understands your problem from your point of view. Ask the lawyer to explain the theory of your case to you from his point of view. Ask him to evaluate the pros and cons of your case without generalities and legal words. Test him to see if he uses words you can understand, is interested in your case and does not start talking about fees before he talks about anything else. Finally, ask him about your options. You should know the choices facing you and you should be the one deciding which choice to select

Test his sincerity, his ability to answer fully and his level of patience. Then test yourself. Do you feel comfortable with him? Do you feel you can trust him? After you have reviewed your internal questions and answers about him, decide for yourself whether or not you want to hire him. He is your agent, and will be acting for your best interests. You are not under his control, but you should consider his counsel. You must always feel secure in your dealings with him and if you do not feel comfortable, you must make this clear to him. This may cause him to be more focused on your case and your needs. In the long run it may help you win.

You cannot judge an attorney by the size of his yellow page ad or his popularity. Judge him by how hard he is willing to work for you and his expertise and experience. Ask the State Bar if he is an attorney in good standing. Selecting a lawyer who is a “certified” specialist in criminal law may be what you are looking for, but there are many lawyers who are highly competent but not “certified.” A certified attorney is one who has taken an exam and has participated in some trials to be a specialist in a given area. A former judge would be as experienced or more experienced than a certified specialist. Choosing a competent attorney is really not a s hard as you might think if you would take the time to look.

We pride ourselves on a solid and strong relationship with our clients, with the foundation being built on the understanding that the work will be handled skillfully by experienced attorneys, done efficiently, and always keeping in mind the special needs and economics of the client.